Intercoms, aircraft panel mount intercoms, Comtronics aircraft panel mount intercom system.

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ntercoms, aircraft panel mount intercoms, Comtronics aircraft panel mount intercom system.


Intercoms, aircraft panel mount intercoms, Comtronics aircraft panel mount intercom system.

Comtronics Engineering has introduced the first panel-mount intercom designed exclusively for Part-103 ultralight trainers. This intercom is designed to be a "Plug-N- Play" system and occupies a space of only 2 1/8 X 61/8 inch on the instrument panel. The three main components are a panel-mount intercom, remote station for copilot! student access and push-to-talk switch. All cables are included and completely assembled ready to plug in except the radio interface and music cords which must be purchased separately. Music cord can be owner-fabricated to fit or assembled at our facility. Exact lengths required. A music cord may be interfaced with a tape player, CD or AM/FM radio. Music feature has an on/off switch located on face plate. A horizontal 1 3/8" X 5 5/8" cut-out through the instrument panel and four 5/32 diameter holes to match holes in face plate are required to mount intercom.  

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The remote station has a volume control and can be conveniently mounted for copilot/ student- ideal for tandem seating. Due to a variety of options, the remote station is not drilled for mounting hardware. Brackets must be owner-fabricated securing these units to airframe. Two (2) No.6 machine screws with washers and lock nuts are recommended.  

This panel-mounted intercom can be interfaced with two transceivers using related cables which must be purchased separately. Interface cables are available for all aircraft radios as well as most CB, business, marine and family-band transceivers. Call with make and model.  

A very efficient switching circuit makes the unit more versatile. It provides the pilot an option to transmit on either radio while monitoring both simultaneously simply by using a radio selector switch on the panel. A push-to-talk switch is provided with each sys- tem and can be mounted on the crossbar. Exact length of cable must be specified if switch is to be permanently mounted on joystick.  

The entire circuitry is enclosed within a rugged metal enclosure of overlapping construction to effectively shield out RF and EMI interference. This equipment requires an aircraft regulated 12-volt power supply with a negative ground.

Intercom Panel mount with separate passenger box
$379.00 U.S.

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