Comtronics ultralight helmets, Comtronics ultralight intercoms and intercom boxes.

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Comtronics ultralight helmets, Comtronics ultralight intercoms and intercom boxes.

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Ultralight instructor to student communications.

Superior Helmet to  Headset Intercom System with  outstanding Noise-Attenuation  and quality performance  

Whether used for instruction or pleasure, the PRO-COM INSTRUCT -A-COM system will provide quiet protection from engine and wind noise.  

PRO-COM helmets are very comfortable and protective. The headsets offer superior noise-attenuation and have large comfortable ear muffs. Another major component of this package is the intercom featuring our proprietary two-channel circuit. This unit provides distortion-free voice transmission and can be used as an intercom only. When used with an interface cable and a transceiver, it may be used for air-to-air and air-to-ground communication.  

Features also include superior frequency response, excellent sound quality and impedance matching circuitry to interface with most hand-held transceivers.

Model-Sport 3100 head set
  • Worn by it self or fitted inside the PRO-COM helmet completing the audio system
  • 31 dB noise-attenuating ear cups are comfortable
  • Light weight (15oz.)
  • Available in black only
  • Extra cost options: gel/foam ear seal set

    Instruct A Com Pro Com helmets (2) with Sport 3100 headset and
    Ultra Com II intercom box $769.00 U.S.

    Extra Gel/foam ear seal set  $30.00 U.S.  

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