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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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The AERO COM 3000 aircraft headsets

Your sails a little faded? Are they safe to fly on?

The AERO COM 3000 aircraft headsets are state- of-the-art design for performance, comfort and quality.  

Large 2" speakers offer superior frequency response and sound quality. The industry's standard noise-canceling M/87 AIC microphone is amplified and impedance balanced for optimum utility. Microphone boom fully adjusts for ideal center-of-the-mouth positioning.  

Durable, light-weight materials and soft cushion speaker rings provide maximum comfor1 and noise-attenuation. Earphones are fully adjustable for proper fit to seal out ambient noise.

This American-made system has been designed for clear communication utilizing our proprietary intercom circuit (compatible with all aircraft radios and most other portable transceivers). The system includes two audio-equipped headsets, one intercom and adapter cord.  

The adapter cord may be plugged into a tape recorder for recording lessons and may also be used with an AM/FM radio or tape player. When used with a matching interface cable you can transmit through your transceiver as well.  

The AERO COM 3000 equipment is self-contained and offers ideal communication for all flight conditions and can be used in aircraft without electrical systems.  


Headphone for listening only
Push- To- Talk switch interface cables are available for all popular aircraft radios
Microphone wind-screens -3 models available

Aero Com 3000 intercom system, 2 Sport 3000 headsets and Ultra Com 11 intercom box  $539.00 U.S.


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