Trike helmets and intercoms for microlight, or microlite aircraft.

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Excalibur experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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ULTRA-TRIKE  two audio equipped helmets and Ultra-Com 11 standard intercom box.

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Full-Face helmet designed for Trike & Para pilots.  Same great quality and audio, comes with coil cord and microphone.

The finest in ultralight communication systems, this two-channel intercom has been specifically designed for two-place aircraft use. It integrates directly with the ULTRA-COM system to provide air-to-air and air-to-ground communication.

Our proprietary circuit combines four separate IC chips to produce loud, clear, distortion-free transmission at any volume setting. The intercom has separate volume controls which may be adjusted by either pilot or passenger to meet individual hearing levels. The system also includes a unique side-tone circuit that allows the user to hear his own voice to assure proper operation. No other ultralight intercom has this built-in feature.

This system can be used as an intercom only or a complete communication package with the addition of a transceiver of the users choice and a matching interface cable with a push-to-talk switch. (Interface cables are available for most popular transceivers).

The output of the intercom is .3 watts and the audio pressure to the speakers is 116 dB. It is powered by a 9-volt alkaline transistor battery which can provide up to 20 hours of operation. The standard transistor battery was chosen because of its long life, availability, light-weight and its gradual power reduction which provides adequate warning of impending power failure. In a matter of minutes, the battery can be changed, and you will be flying again.

An optional voltage regulator can be installed which will allow the use of a 12-volt power source to eliminate changing batteries.

Colours Available:  Red, White, Black, Blue and Graphite  Only

Instruct A Com - Ultra Trike (full face) with Ultra Com II Intercom system including Face Shield $779.00 U.S.  
Face Shield 30.00 U.S.  Clear  
Face Shield 30.00 U.S.  Tinted  

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