Rotax B box, Rotax B reduction drive,  Rotax provision 8 gear drive installation procedure

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Rotax provision 8 gear drive installation procedure.

Installing the Rotax "B" Gear Box Prov 8
1. Clean and degrease the crankshaft end and mounting holes on the crankcase before starting.
2. Using the Rotax fixation tool supplied in the Rotax tool kit lock the engine up by installing the pin into the impulse hole, used to run the fuel pump. With the pin in place rotate the engine, until it locks.
3. Install drive gear onto crankshaft end, with the lockwasher under the head of the bolt, and the flat washer under the lockwasher. Torque to 45 FOOT lbs.
4. Install the rubber O ring (#3) into the back half of the gearbox, if necessary use dielectric grease to hold ring in place.

Rotax B Gear Box Oil Level

Rotax B Gear Box Oil Level

5. Position back half of gearbox (#1) onto crankcase. Apply loctite #242 to threads of bolts (#4) install two bolts and torque 195 INCH lbs.
6.Install gasket - make sure gasket is not damaged.
7. Install front half of gear box housing and secure with bolts and lockwashers. Use loctite 242 on threads and torque to 195 INCH lbs.
8. Fill gear box with 90 weight oil until oil runs out the lower of the two side plugs.
9. Tighten then safety wire top and bottom plugs.
10. Tighten then safety wire vent cap and drain plug.

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