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GPL starter for Rotax engines.

The GPL electric start kit supplied for use on Rotax Aircraft engines has a number of problems, some with the hardware supplied, some with the starter design.  The bolts that come with the GPL are both standard and metric. The bolts for the starter are standard the bolts that screw into a Rotax component are metric! They ARE NOT interchangeable!

Before assembly,  owners should screw the bolts in finger tight and note the proper bolt locations.  The standard thread bolts that hold the starter  on are too short and need to be longer for proper threaded length into the aluminum adapter.

There are also two adapters, one used on the air-cooled Rotax engines the other on the liquid cooled series. The air-cooled adapter has a cut out in the adapter to allow it to fit over the fan pulley. BUT this adapter WILL fit on the liquid cooled series of engines but is the wrong length!

The adapter for the liquid cooled 532/582/618 is flat, and BUT will fit on the 447/503 but will not sit flush up against the fan pulley. Which if used will result in severe engine damage and possible failure!

The gears on the starter engage at 90 degrees to each other. The distance the starter ring gear is in from the face of the adapter is  critical. GPL lists several colors of ring gear mounting plates but, the GPL parts often do NOT match  and poor starter and ring engagement, cause the starter to  drag during cranking locking the starter up or damaging the ring gear due to lack of sufficient engagement.

Before installing the GPL starter kit make sure

  1. all the bolts are the proper thread
  2. all the bolts have had Loctite applied to them
  3. all the bolts are the proper length - too long of a bolt will destroy the stator coils
  4. the gear engagement is proper

GPL news bulletin released December 2001:

GPL Enterprises, manufacturers of electric start systems for Rotax engines, has announced changes to the internal spacer on their electric starter kit for the Rotax 447 and Rotax 503 2 cycle aircraft engines. "This new spacer eliminates the shimming problem present on a small percentage of past starter kits" "This allows the user to install the shim, or remove it for tight fitting installations, eliminating the need for a replacement spacer."

The new updated kit identifiable by the green spacer, is currently being shipped with affected GPL kits. "This change was made in GPL's quest for better customer satisfaction and product quality," according to Gary Lutke President of GPL Enterprises.

For more information contact GPL Enterprises, 1220 Tangelo Terrace #A10 Dept. UF Delray Beach FL 33444 561-274-2247


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