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  914 Specifications  
912 Engine Dimensions
912 ULS  100 HP Specifications
912 ULS 100 HP Engine Dimensions
914 Specifications
  Rotax 912 C of G  
Bing 64 Carburetor
Cabin Heat System
Carburetor Heat System
Cylinder Head, Intake Manifold, Filter
Crankcase, Camshaft and Hydraulic Valve Tappets
Crankshaft, Piston, Cylinder and Free-Wheel
Dual Ignition Coil Assembly, SMD-Electronic Module
Engine Suspension Frame
Rotax optional alternator kit
  External Alternator Kit for Rotax 912  
Fuel Lines, Airbox, Fuel PSI Control Unit
Hydraulic Governor
Ignition Cover, Water Pump, Rev Counter
Magneto Generator
Oil Pump and Filter
Oil Radiator
Oil Tank
Radiator, Expansion Tank Overflow Bottle, Cooling Air Baffle
Reduction Gear Box
Repair Tools
Sliding Clutch
Starter Parts
Turbocharge Control Unit
Turbocharger, Muffler, Exhaust and Oil Sump Container
Valve Train
Water Circuit
Vacuum Pump with Drive
The following are in PDF format
Rotax 912 dimensions
Rotax 912 exhaust inspection
Rotax 912 installation manual
Rotax 912 intake advisory
Rotax 912 oil pump shaft update
Rotax 912 oil pressure check
Rotax 912 oil recommendations
Rotax 912 owners manual
Rotax 912 service bulletins
Rotax 912 maintenance manual
Rotax 912 stator update installation instructions

Rotax 912 valve spring update

Rotax 912 valve spring update expanded information
Rotax 912 carburetor updates
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