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Special tools required

Magneto puller
Two part puller used to pull magneto on all Rotax points ignition systems.
876 065
Puller (20)



876 080
Puller ring (18)



940 580
Bolts (19)
3 required

$ .99



876 950 Dial indicator
Used to aid in timing all Rotax engines equipped with points and condenser ignitions systems. Can also be used for any continuity tests.

Alignment bar(s)
Used to align cylinders prior to torquing heads on 503/582 Rotax ultralight engines. Cylinder alignment tool  876 570
( You can also place the cylinder head on upside down to align cylinders.)

Wrist pin clip insertion tool
Used to install wrist pin clips in piston on all Rotax ultralight engines. Part # 877 015
This tool is a must - while it can be done with an ice pick style probe the tool pays for itself in less "aggravation."





Piston fixation - 1 required tool a specially designed tool for holding pistons in place , when reinstalling cylinders.  (A pair of pliers with rubber coated handles will work.)
276-808 Drive Gear PullerReduction drive gear puller
Used to pull gear on crankshaft on most Rotax ultralight engines equipped with Rotax  A and B reduction drives.
#276 808



Crankshaft locking pin
A specially designed pin for locking up the crankshaft on Rotax ultralight engines. The use of any other pin for this purpose can cause severe engine damage. Part #876 640 Crankshaft fixation pin.
This pin is comes with the Rotax engine tool kit.

Piston pin puller
Used to remove wrist pins from piston, and install and remove cageless bearings. #877 091







Circlip removal tool
Used to remove circlips from pistons, during disassembly of Rotax ultralight engines. ( A bent ice pick style of tool.)

Mechanics tools  

Allen wrenches
4 mm required to remove stator unit
5 mm required to remove fan tower
6 mm required to remove exhaust manifold and crank bolts

Feeler gauges
Used to set point, and spark plug gap on Rotax ultralight engines. Used to measure ring end gap.
Used to measure cylinder/piston wear.
Used to measure point gap. (Brass gauges are preferred)
Spark plug wrench used to remove spark plugs. Used to remove fan pulley nut. Supplied with Rotax tool kit.

10 mm used to remove recoil, lower shroud and crankcase bolts
13 mm used to remove top shroud bolts, intake manifold, cylinder head, and crankcase bolts.
24 mm used on magneto puller
1 3/16 "/30mm 6 point, used to remove magneto nut.

Used in conjunction with sockets in disassembly of the Rotax ultralight engine.

Screw drivers
Used to remove top of carburetor. Used to remove intake flange, adjust carburetor, adjust points, tighten carburetor clamps.

Wire brush
Used in the cleaning of engine parts after disassembly.

Torque wrenches
1. inch lbs - 0 - 300
2. ft lbs -0 - 100
Used in torquing all the nuts and bolts during reassembly.

Cylinder hone
Used to remove glaze on cylinders, and install proper cross hatching pattern.
Hone Oil
Telescoping gauges
Used to measure cylinder wall clearances.

Outside micrometer.
Used to measure pistons and cylinder wall clearances.
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