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Rotax 277 Fan Cooled 28 HP Aircraft Engine

  • Rotax 277 Fan Cooled Aircraft Engine
  • Rotax 277 Bing Carb Needle and Clip Failure

The Rotax 277 fan cooled aircraft engine was available from the factory with a gear drive, exhaust, carburetor and fuel pump. Some manufacturers opted to install a belt drive on the engine. This can lead to failure of the engine! The Rotax 277 originally had a plastic retaining ring between the crankshaft bearing and crankcase. Overtightening of a belt drive system lead to the "squishing" of this plastic liner. This inturn lead to ignition problems, as the crankshaft is used to open and close the points.

Another problem was the carburetor had a tendency to rotate on the rubber intake socket. Vibration at low RPM - anything below 2,000 RPM was one of the most common compliants about the 277. This can lead to failure of the Needle and or Clip used to supply fuel to the engine.

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Rotax 277 Free Air 28 HP Aircraft Engine

  • Rotax 277 Free Air 28 HP Aircraft Engine
  • Rotax 277 Free Air 28 HP Aircraft Engine with baffle for cooling.

The Rotax 277, 28 HP Free Air Aircraft engine was available from Rotax with exhaust, carburetor, and gear drive. The gear drive was available in a number or ratios including 2:1, 2.24:1, 2.58:1, 3:1. The Rotax 277 was generally used in a tractor configuration so that the prop blast could be used as a fan to keep the engine cool. Aircraft such as the Mini Max, Banty and Skypup used it in this configuration. Some installations used baffling while other did not. The Rotax Free air version weighed in just over 60 lbs.

I have known it to be use in a high wing pusher configuration such as the Bucanneer XA when the engine is above the wing and out in the open.

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