Rotax 185, Rotax 182 engine manual, Rotax 185 aircraft engine parts & rebuilding  manual. 

Rotax 185cc ultralight, amateur built and experimental aircraft engine service manual

Rotax 185cc Aircraft Engine Technical Information

Rotax 185cc Aircraft Engine used on Lazair Ultralight Aircraft

Rotax 185 CC Aircraft Engine Horsepower: 9
Carburetor: Tillotson, diaphragm with internal pump and filter
Ignition system: Bosch magneto,
Spark plug: Bosch M4-AC 18mm or Champion K-7 18mm
Oil mixture: 1:40 leaded fuels, 1:32 unleaded fuels
Spark plug gap: .016 - .020
Point gap: .014 - .018
Ignition timing: .138 - .158 B.T.D.C
Ignition timing :.147
Mag air gap: .010 - .013"
Crank end play: .001 - .009
Cylinder bore: 2.441 

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Rotax 185 CC Aircraft engine Torque Values

Rotax 185 CC Aircraft Engine Torque Values

Spark plug              360 inch lbs.
Cylinder head nuts 200 - 220 inch lbs. retorque every 100 hrs.
Flywheel hub          390 - 400 inch lbs.
Crankcase screws    100 - 110 inch lbs. 

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Electric powered Lazair ultralight aircraft on amphib mono float

eLazair powered by two electric motors and batteries.

The Lazair line of ultralight aircraft designed by Dale Kramer and produced UltraFlight was one of the best selling ultralight aircrft in Canada from the early to mid 1980's. According to sources over 1200 aircraft were produced.

These include a number of versions of the single place Lazair, a two seat Lazair and a fully enclosed model called the Lazair Elite.

At Airventure 2013 and 2014 I had the opportunity to interview Dale about his latest project the eLazair, with the e standing for electric. All of the information on the electric conversion for the Lazair can be found on the web.

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