EGT, Exhaust gas temperature gauge troubleshooting CHT, Cylinder head temperature gauge troubleshooting.


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Exhaust gas temperature gauge troubleshooting, Cylinder head temperature gauge troubleshooting.

1. Make certain all connections are clean and secure.
2. Reverse connections.
3. Disconnect sender from instrument. check the resistance of the sender.


B. To check the instrument. Disconnect the instrument from sender. The resistance of the instrument (Depending on the scale) will be between 8-15 ohms. You will also notice a needle deflection on the unit, (Analog ohmeters)


A. To check the senders.

1. Make certain all connections are clean and secure.

2. Disconnect the sender leads from the Instrument. cool or heat the probe to known temperature then check the resistance. Click here for the correct values.

B. To test the operation of the unit, disconnect the sender leads from the instrument and substitute the sender with a resistor of the appropriate value that you wish to check.

Such as 615 ohms;= 150 deg. f.

C. If the sender lead is shorted to ground, or if sender is shorted internally the meter should peg full scale.

D. If sender is open -  (broken) the meter should peg hard to the left. Slight needle movement to the left is normal when the temperature is below the starting point of the instrument, with power on.


A. Follow the same procedure as for the temperature instruments above. Use the resistance values on page given on the next page.

B. For capacitance type fuel senders with 0-5 volt output, use voltmeter. MM type pressure senders (four wire connector) it is recommended to return the unit to the factory for a recheck.

C. DO NOT use a battery charger or water as a medium to calibrate the capacitance type fuel level probes as this will make the instrument read full scale.

D. DO NOT use a battery charger to bench check the MM type pressure sender as this will cause an erratic reading at best on the instrument.

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